Life as we dont know it

I am 21 Years old, generally hapy, fun ambitious girl (yes yes I shall talk myself up ) this is my blog as i will do as i wish)

You know those life crisis that make you re-evaluate your life? well I managed to get a whole bunch of them at once recently.. first one being questioning what im doing with my life (I have spent the last two years volunteering as an ambulance officer and training towards becoming a paramedic) I suddenly have no passion for it.

Secondly dealing with the most heart wrenching breakup i’ve been through in my life, which is totally bizaar considering it was one of the shortest relationships ive had, and least serious ones.. but I was very happy, then he went and moved overseas for a few years and didnt want to do the long distance thing.. now 2 months later appears to have a new girlfriend, but still misses me? yea.. frustrating, messed me up nicely )

Anyway a few other big things happened and people letting me down and others ending up in hospital or crashing their cars or something.. and so now im here, planning my life, and I realised im not quite sure what happened to the past year! So Im going to document everything here.. my feelings and my dieting, my plan to try all sorts of new things.. to travel overseas and do charity work, my gardening, my sewing, my music.. everything!

For my sake of course.. but If your reading or feel like you can relate then feel free to keep looking, or message me )

So this is my blog, to help me keep track of my many, many goals and aspirations, and generally follow what i’m doing..Right now it is August 2007, Its winter here in New Zealand, slowly coming into spring (not fast enough though I say!)

My main long term goals right now (for the next 2 or 3 years) are:

  • Health/Fitness/Weight loss
  • Travel/Planning a trip around South America doing charity work.
  • Paying off all my debts
  • Learning various languages
  • Getting to Methven to do my Diploma in professional Skydive Instruction (yes.. thats right, I want to be a skydiving instructor)
  • And finally to try as many different things as possible and meet many different people and learn new things.

Im designing my own website/blog space for all this, but for now this will have to do )
So im hoping to gain some insight from writing down what im achieving and planning, but also hoping to connect with people who have any of my goals or interests in common.


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